New Order (OBSOLETE)

This is an archived copy of the CFR New Order, which was disbanded and made obsolete by the formation of the CFR as a Club and an official Constitution being adopted. This version was made by Matric and Draven as an example to follow with the CFR at the time and Matrics out of state chapter The Brotherhood of Kings. Some information of this New Order was adopted or reworded and adopted into the CFRAC, because it was either still relevant, and/or because during the month of writing the AC Constitution, Matric was still out of state in KY. and was not present for the writing, or could not be reached during this time. This way his ideas and bylaws were still included in someway with the A.C. Constitution. As stated before this CFR New Order, is presented as a historical reference and is NOT the laws or regulations of the CFR A.C. Anything written here is from a past incarnation of the CenFL Rydaz, and the current CFRAC is not to be expected to act in the manners or follow the laws of THIS set of bylaws. For the updated and current Central Florida Rydaz Auto Club Constitution and Bylaws please click HERE
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The purposes of this board are to make laws and guidelines to build and control the growth of our family organization. To open all lines of communication between Chapters, and keeping a positive atmosphere among us. This Board will hold meetings once a month to discuss any and all situations and business matters that are presented to them.

Functions of the Family Leadership Board

Family Boss- This is the boss of the entire Ryda Family and chairman of the Organizations Board. Making sure that the Board functions properly and having the odd number, and usually last vote on decisions that confront the Board and the Family as a whole.

Family Captains- These are the two Captains overseeing the Family as a whole. They are here to voice their opinions and vote on decisions that confront the Board and the Family as a whole. Should the Captains have a disagreeing vote, the Boss voices his opinion on the matter. Should it be a three way disagreement, the Board will take either a Family Vote (including Family Captains, Chapter Captains, and Board Representatives.) or a Community Vote (including Chapter Captains, Souljaz, and any non-prospect members included in the Chapter(s) that will be affected by the vote.)

Chapter Representatives- These are liaisons (representatives) appointed by Chapter Captains that live out of area or state and cannot attend Family meetings. They have an opinion on the Board reflecting their Chapters, that will have an effect on the Organization and their Chapters. All Representatives should have a positive outlook on life, and be able to have the responsibility to represent an entire Chapter.

Board Secretary- Is a Board member that is chosen to:
    1) Keep records of each Board meeting)
    2) Brief the Board on all situations
    3) Keeping and filing Info-Forms on each Chapter
Head Treasurer- Is a Board member that is chosen to:
    1) Report to the Board on the Organization’s income at each meeting
    2) Recording and filing all income
    3) Responsible for all Chapters reporting their income on dues once a month
Head of Security- Is a Board member that is chosen to:
    1) Be in charge of all Security matters and Security staff of each community.
    2) Make sure that all Security Staff are functioning properly in their community.
    3) Have and report all Security matters to the Board
    4) That the Board meetings are secured tightly and all unauthorized members are not present.
    5) Carry out violations within the Family. (May it be a member or threatening of the opposition)

*Board members my be the Family Captains or appointed*


Chapters of the Ryda Family
    Chapters are the branches of our Family’s Organization that have extended into many communities of Central Florida or the Country. Chapters located outside of the Central Florida area will have different names  (as they can’t be Central Florida Rydaz if located outside of Florida). Other than the different names, these other Chapters may have different rules, set-up or styles. They may be street crews, car clubs, motorcycle clubs or something all together different. The rules of the Chapter is set up by the Chapter Captain, as long as they follow the Family Laws and pay Family Dues. This branching out effect gives us the opportunity to grow in numbers, strength, and what we as a Family are to become for the future.
Each Chapter helps our Family grow stronger by honoring and protecting this New Order. They set up connections in different communities. Plus the Family protection through the Bail Fund, and opportunities through the Business Funds.   
    It is recommended that Chapter meetings are held every two weeks to discuss any and all situations or business matters within the Chapter community, or what is to be presented to the Family Leadership Board at the monthly Family meetings. There is no Chapter smaller or greater than the other, for we are all equal under one great Nation and Family.

Functions of a Chapter

Chapter Captain- Is responsible for managing the Chapter community and members, their duties are as follows:
    1)Keeping order within their Chapter
    2)Enforcing all the policies and laws handed down to them
    3)Keeping an open line of communication between the Chapter and the Family (either directly or through an appointed Board Rep.)
    4)Making sure all members in their Chapter go to school or have some kind of job or trade.
    5)Be ready to make quick and right decisions
    6)Keeping an understanding and peace among the Chapter

Secretaries of Chapter- Are members of a Chapter chosen by the Captain to do as follows:
    1)Be ready to step up and take place of the Captain if he cannot be present to make Chapter decisions.
    2)Advising their Captain at meetings on whatever might come up
    3)Keeping records of the Info-Forms on each member of their Chapter.
    4)Recording all Chapter meetings.
    5)Insuring that all members learn the New Order and Laws.

Treasurer of Chapter- Is the most trustworthy member chosen by his Captain to hold responsibility of the Chapter finances. Duties are as follows:
    1)Collecting the members dues of three dollars, once a week
    2)Keeping in touch with the Family Board Treasurer for any finance problems.
    3)Recording ALL money (receiving and moving)
    4)Making sure that the Family Board Treasurer receives the Organizations finances to be stored in the Investment account and Bail account.

Security of Chapter- Are members chosen by their Captain to take on responsibility of the safety of their Chapter and community, duties are as follows:
    1)Stay in contact with Family Board Security
    2)Inspecting and ensuring proper safety precautions are taken on Bike Runs, Car Cruises, or any activity a crew engages in.
    3)Reporting all security matters to the Chapter Captain.
    4)Making sure the community is well protected and a safe haven for members and their families.
    5)Be aware of any and all matters within the community.
    6)Keeping chapter meetings secure
    7)Carrying out violations within the Chapter.


The Lake County Juggalo Family, The Central Florida Rydaz, The Brotherhood of Kings, and any club or crew under the Family (or allied with the Family), are all families of the same struggle. We shall LOVE and RESPECT them as we would each other.
This Organization shall have a special day to honor all Rydaz and members of this club. On this day all who are available shall return or gather in Central Florida, or otherwise specified location, to celebrate and be together as a Family.
Each and every member, new and old, must study and understand this New Order. For without knowing, will only prolong the growth of becoming great. Leaving us without a future.
Members must and will learn to read and write. It is essential to the growth structure of our Family’s New Order.
No new Captains will be recognized by the Organization, unless their Chapter has a number of twelve or more members or prospects.
Everyone eighteen and older must register to vote, in order to have a successful Organization in each Chapters community. We must have a common social, economic, and political interest in the policies and laws that may affect our Organization. (This does not require you to vote, only to be available if an issue presents itself)
All Members are entitled to Free Enterprise. You are encouraged to further yourself with a job or money making ventures. As well as pay dues to the club.
Security and awareness is a must to obtain the safety of our families and communities.
For each passing of a member, there shall be a wreath or other ceremonial gift to be given to the member’s family out of Love and Respect for them.
No policy or law will be changed or made, without agreement of the Board.
No female members will be recognized by the Family, unless legally married to a Ryda, and/or approved by the Board. Any female who wishes to be considered and accepted must prove loyalty to the Family, and show positive intention to peacefully co-exist with both the Rydaz and the Ryda Wives. Any anti-social behavior or disrespecting acts may necessitate banning from Family functions and a charge relative to Law No. 8. (The annual Ryda Gathering is an exception, unless overruled by the Board. At any time a Wife may appeal for return to crew status, but ALL past situations will be reviewed by the Board.)

All Members shall acknowledge the leadership and New Order handed down to them. Insubordination will not be tolerated within the Family. (1,2,3,& 4)
Caught in the act of treason or breaking the code of silence against the Family will not be tolerated. (4)
No members are allowed to commit acts or be a part of rape, for we all have mothers, sisters, and daughters. (4)
The addiction or influencing another member to use hard drugs will never be acceptable. (3 & 4)
Stealing among the Family will not be tolerated. (2 & 3)
Giving false information (lying) to the Leadership or Family is not accepted. (1 & 2)
Members must help any other member in time of need, and will always help the other Chapters, no matter what the situation is. If one engages in conflict with anyone outside the Family, the whole Organization shall be behind him. (2 & 3)
The Organization may consist of many races and Chapters; therefore, Respect is due for the Club and families of members. (1,2, & 3)
All disputes and arguments between members shall be brought to the Captain of the Chapter or the Family Boss for settlement, if it can’t be worked out. (1,2, & 3)
Neglecting Security must and will not be tolerated. (1,2, & 3)
All members must fill out an Information Form, if he or she agrees to honor the Family. Info-Forms are to inform the Family who is a member of the Organization. Those who don’t fill out an Info-Form will be left aside, until they can prove to be a member of this Family. (1 & 4)
Each Member shall pay dues of three dollars a week, for the purpose of the Family’s future. (Wives are excluded) (1,2, & 4)
All members will attend all meetings being held. (1,2, & 4)
Prosecutions resulting from crime or theft must not be associated with the Family. (2,3, & 4)


Members who break any of these Laws of the Family will be dealt with accordingly…
To be given a strict warning.
To be fined, on the decision of the Leadership.
Will be a body violation, with approval and severity set by the Leadership
Will be banished or Exiled from the Family, with approval of the Leadership

Common Body Violation Regulations
1) No shots to the face or groin
2) No kicking allowed
3) This is a punishment, and not an assault,
    Please use necessary force, relative to the