Bad Blood - Wars and Rivalries

    Even trying to respect everyone, and keep positive relations in our communities. Sometimes conflict arises, sometimes it is simple misunderstandings, sometimes it is a call to war. No great nation is without conflict. When boundries swell and favor falls for us, people sometimes tend to get a little upset. Here is a list of all major conflicts we have had outside the Club.



    After the Central Florida Rydaz began spreading around Florida, we eventually became the second largest Juggalo Crew in Florida, behind the FLJuggalos. They ran but were a formidable crew as well, based around Apopka Florida, contact was made between the two crews and a fairly good relationship was born. Jesta even dated one of the girls from the FLJuggalo crew. 

    However, on November 5th, 2002. The Insane Clown Posse released the first part of the Sixth Jokers Card, in which there was a track at the end called "Thy Unveiling" . This track finalized the decade long Juggalo Saga with the words; "The Carnival is God, and we hope every Juggalo finds him". This caused a split in the Juggalo Family worldwide, with the "goth" Juggalos rejecting the Juggalo lifestyle and the true family continuing on. 

    It was this point when the FLJuggalo Crew, dropped their Hatchets and turned their back on the Juggalo world, leaving the Central Florida Rydaz as the number 1 Juggalo crew in Florida. This was basically the end of the FLJuggalos as they disbanded after The Sixth. However, the former members of the FLJ Crew had a few hard times with the CFR Crew, The girl Jesta was dating went back with her ex, and some words were said both in private and in public on several occasions about "Juffalos" and hating on the CFR.

    One of the biggest blows that started the problems was when a former FLJ member was working in a Blockbuster when CFR member Baggz came in for a rental. Some words were exchanged and the FLJ supposedly disrespected the CFR. Which caused Baggz to jump the counter and proceed to giving a physical lesson in respect. This was documented on security cameras and almost caused some police troubles due to a "gang war". There were extensions to have a sit-down at a local eating establishment that the CFR was on good terms with, but all dipolmatic methods failed. There were allegedly a few more physical encounters before FLJ faded into just one of the many outdated and dead links spoken in the Dark Lotus song "Dot Com"

Orange Home Homies (440 Boyz)

    The crew that the CFR trusted under the guidance of (former) Member J-Roc, had their CFR Charter revoked for drug sales as it was brought to public attention their involvement in the sale and transport of cocaine and manufacturing of crack cocaine for sale and distribution. After the charter was pulled, there were several attempts and fighting to hold Sumter County and Leesburg. Eventually the fighting got to dangerous levels, but in the end, both sides lost. The 440 fell apart due to prison sentences and even a death, most the Crips that ran with the 440 moved up the interstate to Ocala. However even in the absence of the competition, The CFR lost Sumter County and had a weak hold on Leesburg.

    To this day Sumter is still not under the CFR banner, and other smaller gangs and such have moved in to claim the scraps and remains.


    The Dirty Muttz MC was a Club formed on a foundation of lies and built with deceit. The DMMC was founded by a CFR Brother (at the time), a CFR Probate, and an Exiled Ryda. They got quite a few members fairly quickly, which gave them a false since of accomplishment and inflated egos. This misguided sense of power is what ultimately did them in. There were a few altercations, but for the most part the DMMC just fell through. 

    Starting a Club involves a lot of dedication and loyalty from your Brothers, when you found your club with Outbad/Exiled people, while cheating and lying to who you call your "brothers" its only bound to repeat itself and bring you down. In the end, the Dirty Muttz dug their own grave, all it took was a little push from the CFR.

Iron Order MC
    The "Beef" with the Iron Order MC is non-existent. There was some altercations with a few members of the IO and a few members of the CFR, This accumulated with the patch pulling of an IO member, to which his patch was returned as a show of respect. One of our high ranking members does wear an Iron Order patch, upside down on his Cut. But this is the personal opinion of the Ryda, not of the Club as a whole. It is our opinion, as other MC's out there have the same, that you should EARN your patch, EARN your right to be called a Brother. Not bought. When the offer was extended to "buy" a Chapter of the IOMC, It did cause a few of the CFR to lose a little respect. But as a whole there is no problem with the IOMC. Respect All, Fear None.

Warlocks MC
    There is NO beef between the Warlocks MC and the CenFL Rydaz. We are not even in the same league as they are a Motorcycle Club, and half of our members drive cars akin to a Car Club. The rumors of a Warlock Beef comes from a few isolated confrontations from their (old) Support Club, Wolfpack, in Lake County. Also the fact that Lake County is considered "Warlock Territory". We respect all Clubs and don't cause any trouble. We support the Warlocks on an individual level but not as a Support Club.

Wolfpack MC

    We had a few instances where members of the Wolfpack tried to puff their chests and intimidate a few CFR members in Sanford and in Lake Counties. This was dealt with by the Rydaz standing their ground and seeing what would develop. Which was nothing at the time. A few times the Wolfpack would show up at the monthly Street Festival that our LC Chapter puts up with but they usually didn't stick around and nothing ever came of it in the LC. Apparently in SemCo it was told to some CFR Members that they couldn't be in Sanford, but The Syndicate held their ground until the CFR President and Vice President could talk to Fort Lockhart, it was assured that there wouldn't be a problem any more and their wasn't. We were also told that the Wolfpack would soon be out of the picture as the Warlocks were favoring a new Support Club.


    There is an issue with AoA and Black Pistons in Daytona due to our Support of The Warlocks MC but nothing official.


The Mongols MC and The CFR AC have no direct relation, except through a Supporter named "Ghost". Sadly Ghost, aka "Ryder" is currently in Prison for a long time.


The Southside Rydaz

    The Southside Rydaz was originally Chartered and started in Jacksonville Florida, by the Central Florida Rydaz. Eventually Support fell off and it's charter was pulled. For a short time it was associated (supposedly) by a white supremacy group, probably due to the SS style logo (South Side) and the use of symbols such as the one above, and the Iron Cross back patch.

    Ironically, some of the crew moved to Tampa, and now carry the Southside Riders name with a semi-National club. We have no beef with anyone by the name of Southside Rydas or Riders or any variation thereof.   


Apopka Police Killers
   Located in Apopka Florida, also known as "chopper city" for its prevalency of machine gun like weapons, APK sprang up years ago as a loose organization of other area gangs teaming up against the local police (but never ACTUALLY killing Apopka Police). It later became a stand alone gang and in recent years now has spread out of Apopka and into surrounding areas. This is where the tensions have grown with the CFR. The CFR has chased and removed APK members and presence from most of Lake County in the past few years, and even in Downtown Orlando (although Orlando and Orange County was not officially chartered by the CFR at that time). 

    Over the last several months, APK Graffiti has sprang up once again in Sorrento and the Pistolville area of Mount Dora. The CFR is taking no action at this time since we are trying to get away from the gang image and use of violence in the past. However the local communities have came to the Club with concerns. At this time we are hoping for the local police to do its job if this raises past just vandalism.


Lake County Killas

    LCK sprang up around 2008-2009 in the Triangle Area of Lake County. It is unclear where this gang originated, but the first confrontation was in Tavares, but the sit-down between the CFR and LCK was in Mount Dora. This is a traditional style Drug oriented gang, that was observed selling marijuana at the park in Tavares. CFR Soulja Tha Truth approached them and told them ot to be dealing near the kids. This was not met with positive results. Later CFR Tags (when we had graffiti) were covered up by LCK Tags in Tavares and in Eustis. There were then a few other "policing" actions by the CFR, resulting in a sit-down with a LCK Shot Caller in Mount Dora East Town. 

    This sit down set limitations on where they could conduct their business. The CFR stated no schools, churches, or anywhere outside of designated areas (the traditional "hoods"). Then they popped up a few years later in Eustis, which was causing problems with another local set of SUR13, Members of Sur13 came to CFR VP, it was revealed the history but said there would be no involvement other than the actions we laid forth...they were technically selling in the "hood", but it was Sur turf.

    The problem worked itself out, through a few unrelated violent crimes. Today the LCK set is no more. 


There is actually no Bad Blood between the CFR and the Sureños. There was actually a lot of respect for the Club from the Eustis set of the Sureños thanks to CFR V.P. DGAF. There has NEVER been any relation between the CFR and SUR13. But DGAF and Truth made good friends with one of the Sureño shot-callers, and developed a respect for them. The Sureños have stepped in and delt with a few acts in the neighborhood (such as dealing with LCK) and asked the CFR first as to not cause trouble in CFR Territory. But there has never been any relationship between the Club and the Sureño gang. In fact, the mention of the Sureños is actually what was pointed out as the start of the official investigation into the CFR by the Eustis Police Department Gang Unit. So all ties were severed in order to distance ourselves from any perceived association.

Since then, a few of the Sureños returned to Atlanta, and/or were jailed. A few were deported. However the Sureños still exist, just not the same clique as before.