The LC Family

Lake County

    Mount Dora Florida, located in Lake County, was the first place where three young men who felt like outcasts joined up to make a "crew" to have each others backs. This soon grew through the Underground Music scene in Florida to include members across central florida. Lake County was always the "base camp" as the main members lived here, as well as POST 420 which was a safehouse to provide a nights rest, some food or a place to hide out for a while. The POST was owned and operated by Mother Brooks, who was the biological mother of DGAF and Retro, but the adoptive mother of all the other Rydaz. It became standard practice that before a new member earned his rag, he had to be accepted by Mother Brooks. Sadly, Tha Truth (SemCo President) was the last member to be adopted into the LC Family by Mother Brooks before she passed away.

    No matter the range or size of the CFR Crew, Lake County was always the home of the Club since 1998. So in 2010 when the Club disbanded all members and started fresh as a recognized Club with By-Laws and a new mission statement to further us from the Gang image that we had accumulated in the past. The CFR Auto Club decided that Lake County would be the only Charter we would keep, and started fresh.
All the original LC Family accepted by Mother Brooks were kept and all others purged. A suitable location was found for a Clubhouse and was purchased by the CFR President. 

    To this day, the Lake County Mother Chapter serves as the HQ for the Club as a whole with the LC Clubhouse. "The Doghouse" was owned by the LC Road Capt (now OC President) Dogboy and was used for parties and such since as a rule the LC Clubhouse has stricter rules. The Doghouse was closed as the CFR secondary after Dogboy moved to Orange County. Since then Supporters of the Club have stepped in and given us a new venue to call home.

    Club Cutlass was then given to the Central Florida Rydaz for use as a venue for parties, cookouts, concerts and other events not appropriate for the LC Clubhouse.

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