CenFL Rydaz State Chapters

Central Florida Chapters:

    At the height of the Central Florida Rydaz Membership, we had members representing the majority of Central Florida, including Lake, Seminole, Orange, Marion, Sumter, Duval (sister Club), Brevard, Pinellas, and more. 

    However each chapter was totally independent of each other and not organized under a set of bylaws, this caused crime and corruption to tarnish the image of the CFR. In 2010 the CFR formalized as a Club with a strict set of By-Laws, to be followed by all Chapters. All members but the Original LC Family, were released from the CFR and allowed to only return upon accepting the By-Laws and possibly Probation. Since this restructure, we have now grown to four Charters and an Independent. While only a small fraction of our former size. These chapters are organized and carry the CFR banner in a structured light.