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Welcome to the CFR
"from Hoopties to Harleys"

Club Mission

The Central Florida Rydaz A.C.  is a car/motorcycle club and a non-profit organization. All officers appointed by the President with a confidence vote from patch-holders in good standing is required.

Respect and Family are two of the many aspects that a true Brotherhood is made of. We open our hearts and give to our brothers & their families, and also those in our Lake County community. Make no mistake about it...we will do what ever needs to be done to protect our brothers and our Club! 

We are not a 1% club, We are here to further our Brothers, our families, and our Community through support and community service. Also to reestablish ourselves as a positive Club and further ourselves from previous "street" and "gang" images we have had in the past years.
We value, respect, and protect our wives & children, our jobs, our cars & motorcycles, and our Club! 

We do have a hang around period and prospective period for those interested in becoming part of our Club.
We invite everyone to find out who we are, what we are about, and what we do for our community.

We are a Juggalo and Underground oriented Club, however it is not a requirement to join. However we attend Juggalo/Psychopathic concerts and events as well as Gatherings.

The CenFL Rydaz A.C. has been working hard toward community awareness  to show that we are not the gang we are often perceived or represented as, but a Club of like minded individuals who share a common interest and love of our home community. 


Please sign our GUESTBOOK and leave us a line!

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as well as the Club Cutlass, which is a Private CFR Venue.
Club Cutlass

**At this time this website is NOT Managed or updated, we are in need of a new Webmaster. The CFR Facebook however is always updated and current**

If you found your way here after recieving a Graffiti Complaint card or talking to a member regarding CFR Tagging, please visit our CFR Graffiti Removal Project page



CFR Events


  • R.F.F.R.

    Posted May 31, 2013, 5:59 AM by Draven Mercer
  • Updates and Facebook
    The Website has been re-vamped and updated with many new pages and features, however for news and up to date information please vist and LIKE the CFR Facebook page. 
    Posted Mar 31, 2013, 3:51 PM by Draven Mercer
  • 2/23/2012 -Attention Rydaz and Supporters riding with the CFR

            *Attention All Rydaz and Supporters riding with the CFR*

    Attention to all Rydaz: 
    Not going into detail until all the facts are straight, before matters are made worse. However recently one of our Brothers was involved in a confrontation with a member of another local Club (Not saying which Club, and we ask if you know to keep the details to yourself while we try and straighten this out)
        This Confrontation is of personal nature, between two grown adults who just happen to be members of different Clubs. As long as the matter remains fair and  between the two parties than it can be settled like men, and not involve members of the Clubs.
    This being said however, We stand behind our Brothers, and support them in times such as this.
        We do ask that for the time being, until a sit down can occur (already in the works) just be vigilant, especially if riding alone. Don't cause any trouble but be aware of those around you. We ask if you are gonna be in any bars, take a Brother or two with ya if your flying your Colors, as this seems to be the reasoning for the trouble.

        This weekend, The Club will be involved in the GeorgeFest activities, and we expect a good time for all involved and no problems. The CFR will be in attendance, possibly as well as AnarchyX and Sur13 supporting members. Details and extra security issues will be discussed at the Festival but I am expecting a awesome time with a lot of community interaction. Have Fun Rydaz! 
    -Draven "DGAF" Mercer
    Posted Feb 23, 2012, 4:09 PM by Draven Mercer
  • 2/22/2012 -GeorgeFest
    Join the Central Florida Rydaz this weekend, starting Friday night for fireworks and the carnival, in Downtown Eustis for Georgefest 2012.

    a little history (from the official website):
    The first festival was held on February 22, 1902 on the grounds of the Ocklawaha Hotel. Residents produced a pageant depicting the early history of the State of Florida, the Nation as a whole, and how the Eustis area was settled. Tourists staying at the hotel enjoyed the festival and many visitors from nearby villages came by horse, mule, foot or boat to enjoy the events.

    The idea of the festival took hold and were held in subsequent years, gradually growing in scope and acceptance as an event to attend. In later years, people were even brought in by trains for the event. In 1911, the crowd was estimated at about 2,500 – about twice the size of the actual population of Eustis! Today more than 10,000 people attend the annual festival.

    Eventually, as the parade and boating elements came into the picture, the activities migrated to the downtown and lakeside areas. Various types of boat races were introduced. When it was time to watch a water event, everyone went to the lake-shore of the city pier at the end of Magnolia Ave. This pier was about where the Lake Eustis Area Chamber of Commerce is now located, before Ferran Park was built.

    Thousands continue to turn out to enjoy the multi-day event.  Whether they are there to sample the foods, watch the parade, participate in the various games listen to the live bands, or just enjoy the rides, there is sure to be something for everyone at this full weekend of entertainment.

    Posted May 31, 2013, 6:13 AM by Draven Mercer
  • 9/29/2011- A year too late
    Wow...cant believe with all the shit that's been happening over the last year, that nobody has updated the website. We need to find someone who can update the news on a regular basis and has stable internet access. But anyways, on to the news...

    -Dogboy has officially been voted in as a full Soulja, ending his very long Prospect period. Congrats to the newest CFR Brother.

    -Also since nobody is online to update this regularly, it should just state that over the past year and planning to continue, you can come support the CFRAC twice a month in downtown Eustis in the LC.
        We are at every StreetFest on the first Friday of every month as well as the Cruise-In's

    -The CFR Facebook can be reached on the main page of this site, and is a far better way to reach us and recieve notices of rides and events.

    Posted Sep 29, 2011, 2:15 PM by Draven Mercer
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